Change for Good Coaching, LLC is a network of professional life coaches dedicated to helping people make lasting, positive changes so that they can experience more fulfilling lives. To help people optimize their potential for personal growth and achieve the goals to which they aspire, our coaches are committed to developing coaching relationships that are informed by the best current knowledge integrated with practitioner expertise in making decisions about how to coach individuals. In addition to having strong backgrounds in the study and practice of the psychology of human change, our coaches have had additional training in life coaching.

Jill Reed, President and CEO of Change for Good Coaching, LLC founded the network with the vision of matching clients with life coaches who are results oriented and dedicated to using state-of-the-art knowledged-based coaching practices. The recent practice research from the field of Positive Psychology provides a strong foundation for our coaching practices. Our life coaches use the most effective means available to help clients achieve their goals and realize their life dreams.

As a coaching client, you will benefit from a relationship with a life coach who has the best interests for your success at heart. Our coaches know the right questions to ask; questions that are based on years of knowledge and practice experience and guided by a flexible, integrated life coaching model. At Change for Good Coaching, LLC we strive to match clients with life coaches who are ideally suited as working partners for helping them make positive life changes for good!