Welcome to Change for Good Coaching

Do you...

  • often feel overwhelmed?
  • feel stuck in a rut?
  • long for that certain oomph or zest for life?
  • dread going to work on Mondays but know that your weekends aren't much better?
  • react more to life than live the life of your own design?
  • neglect yourself, your family, your work and/or feel your life's out of balance?
  • get so caught up in the "what ifs" that you end up doing nothing at all?

Don't you owe it to yourself, your family, friends, and coworkers to find a professional life coach who will focus entirely on you and help you create a more fulfilling and satisfying life?

A life coach can assist you in...

  • creating a more meaningful, engaging, and satisfying life!
  • conquering self-defeating behaviors for good!
  • discovering your core self and what truly motivates you!
  • living a life more of your own design than by happenstance!
  • accomplishing more than you ever imagined was possible!
  • enjoying loving, caring, and deeply satisfying relationships!

Perhaps you are thinking about working with a life coach but hesitate because you aren't sure how to select a coach who is the right match for you?

  • Does the thought of interviewing and sorting through the backgrounds of hundreds of potential coaches to find one who is ideally suited to help you achieve your goals and dreams overwhelm you?
  • Are you uncomfortable sharing details about your life with just anyone?
  • Do you want to trust that your coach has the expertise to help you and wil keep whatever you talk about during your coaching sessions completely confidential?

At Change for Good Coaching, LLC only very highly qualified life coaches are invited to join our network. You can trust that all of our network coaches have the requisite background of knowledge, training, and skills in the science and art of human change processes. All of our coaches at Change for Good Coaching, LLC hold graduate academic degrees in human behavior fields, have had years of professional experience in facilitating change, and have had additional formal life coach training from a positive psychology perspective.

Change for Good Coaching, LLC is a network of life coaches dedicated to facilitating lasting positive change. We match clients to very highly qualified positive psychology life coaches. If you can dream the life you want to live, you have come to the right place! We can help you live the life of your dreams!

So how do I get started? Experience life coaching first hand from one of our network coaches at no cost to you! To sign up for a free, no obligation, 30-minute telephone coaching session, complete the contact form, call us directly at 914-762-3980, or contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it   Once we determine your needs, we will match you to one of our network coaches. If none of our network coaches is a good match for you, we will refer you to other resources or another life coach outside of our network.