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Life Coaching Overview
Life Coaching is about creating the life you want to live. Working with a life coach, clients design the steps to take toward acheiving their life goals. As clients move along their chosen life path, a life coach helps them surmount any obstacles or challenges they may encounter along the way, until they accomplish their goals and get to where they want to be in their life.
Benefits of Life Coaching
  • Experience greater personal fulfillment
  • Increase overall life satisfaction
  • Aspire to maximize your growth potential
  • Increase vitality and live healthier
  • Enjoy more satisfying and closer relationships
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Benefit from positive risk taking
  • Live more purposefully and intentially
  • Be happier
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How does life coaching work?

Life coaching begins by helping you identify and clarify what you want to change or improve in your life. Your life coach will then work with you to accomplish these changes through co-creating strategies for change, building on momentum through practice, and helping you stay focused and accountable until the changes are integrated and sustained.

What can I expect from life coaching?

In life coaching, you can discover what truly motivates you from your core self. You can conquer the self-defeating behaviors that are blocking you from living the life you want.

What kind of training do life coaches receive?

The background of life coaches varies a great deal. In fact, life coaching is presently an unregulated profession so that anyone, a plumber, tarot card reader or unscrupulous salesperson, can use the title of "Life Coach". Moreover, many life coach training programs do not require educational or practice backgrounds in psychology, social work or other professional human improvement fields for admission. At Change for Good Coaching, LLC all of our coaches have graduate degrees in psychology or related fields and many years of professional experience in helping people change. In addition, all of our life coaches have further specialized training in life coaching.

Why should I choose a life coach from Change for Good Coaching, LLC?

In addition to the exceptional qualifications of our life coaches at Change for Good Coaching, LLC, you can expect all of our coaches to be trustworthy and practice life coaching with integrity. Having trust in your life coach is a critical factor in determining how satisfied you will be with your coach and with the effectiveness of your results.

What is a typical coaching session like?

Over 90% of coaching sessions are done over the phone. Telephone coaching is effective, efficient, convenient, confidential, and has the additional benefit of allowing you to work with a life coach from anywhere in the country. At Change for Good Coaching, LLC, if clients prefer, we also offer face-to-face life coaching sessions at our offices at The Center for Change in Pleasantville, New York. Sessions are typically once a week for an hour. Thirty minute and biweekly sessions can also be arranged.

How does life coaching differ from therapy?

At Change for Good Coaching, LLC our life coaches are dedicated to helping you change your life by focusing on your values, strengths and dreams instead of diagnosing and treating what is "wrong" as is the focus of the medical model of therapy. Our coaching practices are informed by the knowledge and research from the field of Positive Psychology.

How do I get started?

For more information about our life coaching services or to schedule your free 30-minute, no obligation, sample coaching session, call us at 914-762-3980 or email This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it